Teacher Conference Meal

Update 10/5/2020

A HUGE THANK YOU for your incredible support to help fund the HPS Staff Dinner on 10/14. We have already met our goal for the staff dinner in just 3 days....#amazing!!

The link below is always active so that you can continue to support the HPS PTCO organization and also keep in mind that there will be a Read-A-Thon October 19th-October 30th to help raise money for HPS as well so you can donate during this time to support our wonderful school

HPS PTCO PayPal Donation Link

We truly appreciate all of your support and hope you all have a wonderful week!

High Plains PTCO

Original Message:

With Parent/Teacher Conferences around the corner (10/13-10/16) we wanted to connect with you all as PTCO will be in charge of hosting dinner for our wonderful HPS staff, the evening of 10/14.

In past years we have had the opportunity for families to sign-up to bring a dish, but in order to minimize interaction for Covid-precaution we will be catering the HPS staff meal via a local caterer who will bring all items (boxed).

We know that all of our amazing families always want to help/contribute to show their appreciation for the fantastic staff at HPS so we have included a link to the HPS PTCO PayPal Donation Link where you can donate a small amount ($1-$5) to help raise the $300 needed to make the evening of 10/14 special for our High Plains staff!

Below is a list of items that your donations will be used for:

1. Remaining $250 for the caterer as PTCO will cover $400

2. Soda/Bottled Water/Ice

3. Store bought dessert(s)

4. Napkins/Cutlery, etc

HPS PTCO PayPal Donation Link

Thanks SO much for your continued support! Please reach out to Shena Schultz with any questions, etc: shena.schultz@gmail.com.