Bingo For Books


This is a FREE virtual family event!

Register for the Event using the form by clicking here.

Bingo cards will be sent to your email and also an email for the Google Meet and some tips for playing Virtual Bingo.

Emails will come from

Google Meet Link:

Bingo/Google Meet Rules:

Keep yourself on mute during the game so everyone can hear the caller.

Unmute if you get a “BINGO”. If you aren’t sure you were noticed, “Raise your hand” in the google meet or write a message. We will have volunteers monitoring the messaging.

When there is a bingo, we will ask for your bingo card number and verify the numbers have been called.

Bingo Tips:

You will receive an email titled “Bingo Game Invites from” with a link to the Bingo Cards. We will start sending these a day or two before the game.

Print Bingo Cards prior to the game beginning.

We will be playing multiple games. Use paper, coins, or other things to cover the numbers so you can reuse the card for each game. You can print and cut out these Bison to use.

If you do not have access to a printer, you can mark your card online using the link of the Bingo Card that was sent to you.

Make sure each player notes their card number. It is at the top of the card. Especially do this if you are tracking your card online - it will help avoid confusion and tension at home if you have a winner and the kids all want to claim that card!